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Our Ophthalmologists keep abreast of the latest medical, and surgical advances. They are specially trained and certified to perform surgery when a patient's condition warrants it.

  • No-Stitch Cataract Surgery

  • After Cataract Laser Surgery

  • Glaucoma management, including laser treatment

  • Minor eyelid procedures

We offer a variety of frames and contact lenses that our knowledgeable and trained staff are able to service you with. Our staff utilizes advanced technology and state of the art equipment along with southern hospitality to provide the best quality service for your eye care needs. Enjoy the convenience and wide variety of name brand frames that our Optical Shop offers.



Here at 20/20, we provide comprehensive eye examinations for the whole family, including pediatrics, at your convenience. Our trained staff and board certified medical doctors of ophthalmology provide routine cataract, diabetic, glaucoma and macular degeneration evaluations as well as treatment. We also treat eye injuries and perform routine drivers license, disability and drug side effect evaluations. All of these along with many other advanced medical tests are performed during your appointment.


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